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  • An Illustration Along with the Rules

    Please note the odd sequence in counting, as you will see, it is necessary for the inductive analysis.  By starting with a top we are assured of beginning our count on a new wave.  (The reverse would apply for a bearish wave.) The 2 point is a top. The 3 point is the bottom of […]

  • Trader’s Quiz

    1.  Day trading is easier in a bull market than in a bear market. (TRUE or FALSE) False. Correct trading is no different in a bull or bear market. If you have a system that works in one, but not the other, you have a system that doesn’t work. This is the reason why so […]

  • Flash Crash or Rogue Wave

    Much has been said in the media about the “supposedly” Flash Crash of 5/6/10. In my opinion, it was simply a wave of motion. They happen every day in the oceans and in the markets. When they are extreme, they are labeled “rogue” or “flash.” Both labels invoke mystery. Not so! Rogue Waves have happened […]

  • Financial Crisis OR Huge Opportunity?

    Frequently Asked Question:Bill, will the Wolfe Wave continue to work in this financial crisis?Short answer: Who would you trust, Mother Nature or the politicians? The Wolfe Wave is a natural rhythm that constantly repeats. Waves have no idea that there is a financial crisis. Mother Nature just produces larger waves. (The following are waves that […]

  • What is Wolfe Wave?

    What is the Wolfe Wave? Simply put, the Wolfe Wave is a natural rhythm that exists in all markets.  It is made up of waves of supply and demand that form their own equilibrium.  It was not “invented” by me, but discovered.  The key to its accuracy is in properly identifying the 1, 2, 3, […]

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    QUESTION: Dear Bill, I have a copy of your manual that I took off the Internet. Is this yours and is it the one that you are going to send me? ANSWER: YES, it is the one I used to post on my site until others plagiarized it. And NO, that is not the one […]

  • US Dollar / Swiss Franc Spot

    Tsunamis do not just occur in the oceans. Wherever there is motion there must be a wave rhythm. Accepting this fact could put you on the path to correctly reading the markets. I have been studying market waves for over fifty-years. I know the surf and I can teach you.

  • Tips for My Wolfe Wave Students

    Be sure to identify and mark on your chart all gaps, bumps, pressure points and ABC lines, which may influence price movement, and refer to the lessons on each. This will be very rewarding psychologically when you “see” the market play out as you expect it to. Identify the target line before taking a trade. […]

  • Memorabilia . . .

    The following is a list of memorable clips, and / or conversations with clients: A call from a fund manager that just made $75,000 on a small move in the S&P. “I’ve been trading for a long time and I have never seen anything as powerful as this.” He went on to tell me how […]

  • BREXIT: Another financial crisis where the Wolfe Wave outsmarts the “professionals”

    BREXIT: Another financial crisis where the Wolfe Wave out smarts the “professionals.” So, as we were told by the big banks, the press, the politicians and all the other so called “experts,” the market refused to obey their dire warnings: “Black Monday” didn’t happen. It turned into a wonderful buying opportunity for Wolfe Wave practitioners. […]