Memorabilia . . .

The following is a list of memorable clips, and / or conversations with clients:

A call from a fund manager that just made $75,000 on a small move in the S&P. “I’ve been trading for a long time and I have never seen anything as powerful as this.” He went on to tell me how he received positive slippage and how he entered within ticks of the bottom just by following my instructions. He thanked me again and again for teaching him.

“Bill, I feel like you’ve sold me the key to the mint. Thank you!” “Dear Bill, Your manual and faxes are so interesting, clear and explicit that I am having no problems in following them. You are indeed an excellent teacher. I am very happy with my investment in your course.

Bill, you are a genius! Knowing my background, you know that I am familiar with gaming. In gambling, a slight edge can be extrapolated out for huge gains. The WolfeWave gives me an incredible advantage over uneducated traders. Thank you! (This was from one of the best known card counters in the world. He told me that he wanted to get into a business where intelligence is rewarded, not criminalized like it is at the Blackjack tables.)

As told to me. Two Wolfe Wave Practitioners. . . .”lets have a book burning party. All that useless junk that we’ve read.”

76 year old doctor/S&P trader: “Terrific! Simply elegant. Elegantly simple.”

A recent client told me that he had a Series 7 and a lot of trading experience and was about to “pack it in” until he began using the Wolfe Wave. After the first few days he called me and said: . . . “this really works! It’s the first thing that I ever bought that does.” He called the other day to tell me how well he is doing in other commodities as well. “Bill, I wanted to take this course two years ago but kept telling myself that I would pay for it with my next profit. Profits were elusive. As you know, I signed on two weeks ago and I am very happy with it. My regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. Thank you!”

A retired pharmacist, on Friday of his first week faxed me with a question and added a P.S. . . .”Only loss of the week. Tough eh?”

Three week student. . . . “Bill, you may think that I’m crazy but I priced a seat on the CME today.” . . . You can’t make this stuff up!  


Dear Bill,
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for teaching me the WolfeWave.  
    To find a method that works is rare.  To find a method that works and that someone is willing to share is priceless.  
    It is from my personal experience in studying with you that I believe that you are not only a great trader, but you are also a gifted teacher.  Your willingness to answer my questions time and again with the same precise and patient manor has helped me to learn at a phenomenal rate.
    In this day and age, people are so quick to point out faults and to place blame.  More often than not, the people who do help others along the way are seldom acknowledged for their efforts.  I wanted to make sure that in your willingness to help me learn your methods that your efforts did not go unnoticed.
    What you have given me is much more than a method of trading.  You have given me the tools to achieve my goal of financial independence.  Thanks once again,


(a satisfied client)

Aug 4, 1999

Dear Bill,
Just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for your incredible insight, hard work, and your dedication to really helping the “little guy” understand that the “gap” (no pun intended) between not having a clue and making a good living trading is not that large. 
    Before your training I felt like I was so close to “getting” the trading business, but could never have consistency.  Your knowledge, as well as, your expertise as a teacher, has finally had an everlasting impression on me. I believe I left a message about actually buying the low and selling the high in Sept. Lumber one day.  I would have never even attempted such a feat w/out your help.  Me, the little guy? – not a pit guy in Chicago – bought the low – what a deal! – somebody had to lose on 1 contract.
    Anyway my point here is to let you know that I’ve almost tripled my account size in the last 5 weeks – from $6k – $18k – that’s over $10k in a bit over 1 month – I’ve never accomplished that before!  Thank you Bill – You have no idea how much you’ve impacted my life.  This is the greatest business, as I suspected before, and now have personal experience with.
    I’ve been trading bellies, lumber, corn, beans, Canadian $, Pound, E-mini, hogs, sugar, coffee, – where ever I like a pattern.  I’ll be getting to the main S&P soon!
    Also, hope your vacation was wonderful!


(a satisfied client)

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