Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Dear Bill, I have a copy of your manual that I took off the Internet. Is this yours and is it the one that you are going to send me?

ANSWER: YES, it is the one I used to post on my site until others plagiarized it. And NO, that is not the one that I am going to send you. The free one that I posted on my site was deliberately missing important information.

Also, there is so much confusing information about Wolfe Waves on the web with a lot of it suggesting that seeing the wave formations in real time is highly subjective and not as easy as one is led to believe – do you have a comment in this regard? YES. (The short answer is that they never took my course!) All the “copycats” take the limited information on my site, draw a similar wave, and proclaim “they” are the new masters of the WW. They have no idea what they are talking about.

Without instructions from my advanced lessons, it is impossible for “copycats” to know: Proper time frame, discriminators, target line, pressure points and much more. This is why there is such confusion about the Wolfe Wave. They never took my “rule based” course.

QUESTION: Bill, I noticed you stopped giving away free, your 20-year old manual. Why?

ANSWER: Unfortunately there were unintended consequences. I freely gave away the material so that potential students could get a look at my thirty-years of trading wisdom and the very basic layout of my wave analysis. Viewers were cautioned that this old manual was less than 1% of what I taught in my course. More importantly, they were told that the manual alone was not sufficient for successful trading. All of the important material would be taught during the advanced lessons.

CONSEQUENCES: Unscrupulous individuals began downloading my free manual and reselling it under their name. Others did a quick cut and paste and stole my material and put it on their site, without giving proper credit to me and completely disregarding copyright laws. Another guy, who never even took my course, decided to start two websites, capitalizing on my name to sell his product.

In my giveaway, I could not have been any clearer about the old manual being incomplete for successful trading. Protect yourself at all times. There are many unscrupulous people out there. Please visit “What Others Say” for unsolicited letters from people who HAVE taken my course.

QUESTION: Mr. Wolfe,
Why did you spend money to FedEx the manual to me (Brazil) when it is available for a free download at your website?

What I send to students is “slightly” different than what is on my website. (I want my students to have a distinct advantage over others.)

QUESTION: I have seen robots that claim great success with the Wolfe Wave and computer studies that rate it poorly. How can you explain these differences?

ANSWER: With one exception, I have never worked with any programmer. The others are obviously spinning the results to their needs. A robot seller will tell you it is great and a computer tester will tell you it stinks. Both operate to sell their own product.

When one gives away the basic architecture for free, as I do, I guess you can expect this type of behavior: Copycats. None of them have ever taken my course. The manual is only a very, very small portion of what I teach. Students are cautioned not to make decisions based solely on the manual as much of the advanced lessons supersede the manual.

QUESTION: Do I need a fax machine?
ANSWER: No. The advanced lessons are sent by email. (Please disregard any mention of a fax on this site. All correspondence is by email or voice.)

QUESTION: Is the Wolfe Wave like the Elliott Wave?

QUESTION: Does the Wolfe Wave work on forex markets?

ANSWER: Yes. My methodology works on any freely traded market. If you have something that works on one market, or one time frame, and not another, then you have something that does not work.

QUESTION: Do you limit the number of people that you teach?

QUESTION: I live outside the U.S., can I wire payment?
ANSWER: Yes. Email me for specifics.

QUESTION: Is the Wolfe Wave subjective?

ANSWER: No. The reason one might suspect subjectivity after viewing the examples on my site is because they are not privileged to the precise set of rules that I teach. Another misconception may be is that Waves are random. Not so. There is ALWAYS a Wave in progress. It is IMPOSSIBLE for there to be motion without a Wave rhythm.

QUESTION: Does the Wolfe Wave use traditional chart patterns or indicators.

ANSWER: No. The Wolfe Wave is a “stand alone” methodology.

QUESTION: Have you ever taught someone from “my” country? (Apparently they want to see that it can be accomplished in their part of the world.)

ANSWER: To date, I have taught one or more students from the following countries: United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Spain, Portugal, France, Israel, United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, South Africa, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, Belgium, Switzerland and adding…

QUESTION: I just received your manual and I have several questions...
ANSWER: This is the question I get most frequently from new students. The manual was written over fifteen years ago and was never intended to be a stand-alone manual. The advanced lessons will eliminate all subjectivity.

QUESTION: Is the Wolfe Wave difficult to learn?
ANSWER: No. I do an excellent job of teaching.

QUESTION: How can you expect me to buy it when you show me how it works for free?

ANSWER: Allow me to draw an analogy. What I show you is a picture of a person balanced on a bicycle. What I teach you is how to ride that bicycle. I freely give away the architecture so that you can see the beauty of the method. Many people “think” that they understand the Wolfe Wave. I get faxes from them often that resemble “Refrigerator Art.” Unless the person was taught by me or my son Brian, I can flatly say, they don’t know it.

QUESTION: I have wasted thousands of dollars on useless junk, how can I be sure that yours is different?

ANSWER: The difference can be summed up in two words: persuaded and convinced. You may have been persuaded by a fast talking salesman that “this is the system for you.” You may have been persuaded by curve fit data that “this is the system for you.” I feel that the free rules, free examples and honesty of my website, will convince you, that this is a better way to trade.

QUESTION: Do I need expensive software?

ANSWER: No. All you need is the ability to draw trend lines and plot different time frames.

QUESTION: How do you teach it?

ANSWER: I start by sending you a 35-page easy to read manual. Then, when you choose, I email you ten-days of advanced lessons. During the advanced lessons we will walk along with the market as the waves unfold. Lessons will be introduced in a timely manner.

QUESTION: What do you teach it on?

ANSWER: I teach it on the S&P future. If you don’t trade the S&P you can simply apply the instructions to any other instrument with matching success.

QUESTION: What happens if I have questions after the two weeks of advanced lessons?

ANSWER: I provide unlimited support.

QUESTION: Do you offer a money back guarantee?

QUESTION: Will I have to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement?

QUESTION: Do you anticipate a price increase?

QUESTION: Knowing my status in the financial community, will you please keep it confidential that I took your course.

ANSWER: Yes. I never reveal the name, phone numbers, etc., of anyone who takes my course. I don’t sell mailing lists! What I teach is on a private, one-to-one basis.