Why does the Wolfe Wave work so well?

Why does the WolfeWave work so well?

  •   Market timing is not about finding the Holy Grail.
  •   Market timing is not about complicated algorithms.
  •   Market timing is not about colorful indicators and oscillators.

Market timing is about BALANCE.

Can you predict the outcome of the balancing act below? 

If you said that Fatso is going to send Skinny skyward, you’re right. It’s no different in the market. News impacts supply and demand and price moves up and down. Once you can determine where the balance point is, you can predict which way the market will go.

On the chart below can you find the balance point?

More to come

Probably not, if you don’t know what to look for.

On the next chart I drew in the WolfeWave® and stuck Fatso up there to help you.  Can you now guess where the price will go?                                       

Equilibrium is found >>>>>>

Picture this:  We’re at the 5 point and the market just opened.  TV has been telling traders that the market is going to have a “great day” because Globex is up and the market is sure to open higher.  How many times have you heard it?  How many times has it failed?  WolfeWave practitioners giggle.  They know that the market is now out of balance and will soon correct to the downside, big time!
Two hours later:  Price hits WolfeWave target line.  S&P is now down 20 points.  TV searches for answers.  WolfeWave practitioners cash in.  Play golf.  Go sailing.  Whatever.  Wait for the next wave to form…