How Much Does It Cost & What Will I Learn?

The price for my instructions is $3,000.   Many clients have told me that it is the best investment that they have ever made! 

What you will learn…
There are two parts to successful trading: a) A precise methodology and b) A healthy mental attitude.  Once you have them both, you are on your way to success.  The Q&A below provide a winning combination.  Practical answers that serve to eliminate anxiety.

  • Is there a trade setting up?  My methodology presents the entry area in advance.
  • How far will it go? An Estimated Price at Arrival (EPA) is given with every trade.
  • What time frame should I trade it on? Any time frame you choose in harmony with The Dominant Wave.

I will personally instruct you in my method.

I will first send you the manual Seeing the Future.  This is an explanation of the WolfeWave with chart exhibits similar to the rules and examples that are given on this website.  (It is very important that you do not try to trade this methodology until you have finished the advanced training that is given during the ten-day fax on CURRENT MARKET DATA.)  Then, when you want to start, give me a call and ask me to begin your 10-day instructional fax.  Each day before the market opens I will send you a fax.  It will point out and explain the Waves as they develop.  I will give you trading notes that will walk you through the business of trading.  You will instantly see why 90 percent of beginners fail, because it is impossible for any system to match this kind of accuracy.  During this period and for as long as it may take, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

In addition during the advanced training you will learn…
How to determine the Dominant Wave…How to anticipate the Rhythm of the market…How to zero in on the Sweet Zone…WolfeWave analysis on time frames as small as a tic chart…How everything matters and how it will ultimately have an impact on future price…Scalping…Volume interpretation…The impact of Globex trading on WolfeWaves…Where the 3 point is likely to come in… How to approximate the 4 point in advance… AND…This is all introduced in a timely fashion as you watch S&P WolfeWaves unfold during your 10-days of fax instruction.