A Letter to Prospective Clients

Dear Trader,

Never before have the conditions been so favorable for an “educated” person to profit from trading the markets.  The products are available for either bullish or bearish markets, and the computers and commissions are inexpensive.  Online trading could be the opportunity of a life time for the “educated” trader. (Note the emphasis on educated.)

My name is Bill Wolfe and I teach a methodology that was nick named after me called the Wolfe Wave.  I have taught it to amateurs and professionals alike.  Many of the amateurs have gone on to be very successful traders.  And the professionals–I wish I had the liberty to share their names–are well known in the financial community.

Successful trading is not a mystery like many uneducated people make it out to be.  It is just like any other occupation in life.  Once you learn it, you get paid for your skill.  And just like any other occupation, your pay is commensurate with your education.  

On the following pages I freely give you the rules and examples of my method.  I do this so that you may examine the architecture and the accuracy.  I can frankly say that about 99.9% of what I teach has been intentionally left out, including discriminators and one of the most important parts, how to identify the proper time frame.  I can also say that after taking my course, you will be able to match the accuracy of the examples given. 

Scroll through the site.  I hope you enjoy your visit.  After you read it, give me a call or email and have me answer any questions that you may have.

Business Phone: +1 (914) 747-6258
Email Address: bwwave@verizon.net


Bill Wolfe 

P. S.  Due to the popularity of the book Street Smarts, in which the basic architecture of the Wolfe Wave was first revealed, many traders feel that they have a complete understanding of it.  Street Smarts was printed many years ago and since that time I have made significant improvements.  Examples that I have seen on the internet of supposedly Wolfe Waves, bare no resemblance to what I currently teach.  I cannot over emphasize this point.