What Others Say…

The following quotes
are from people that HAVE, I repeat HAVE taken my course:

(For authenticity, “cut and paste” is used
without editing.)



Hi Bill,
I bought your course about three years ago but since I work 50+ hours a week there was little time to do much with it.
But one day before going to work, I happened to notice what I thought had to fit the description of a Wolfe Wave. I did the time and price projections and shorted a couple of contracts with a limit order to exit there. I was amazed when I checked on the trade later and found that the price target had been reached exactly at the time projection I’d made!
The best part of it all is that my first Wolfe Wave trade more than paid for the course!
I’m a believer and you have my permission to use this as an endorsement of your course.



Hi Bill,
That was truly an incredible demonstration of how a Wolfe Wave transforms over time, with the Grand Finale today after the Fed announcement.
This “potential” ES bullish wave which was laid out Dec 4th had many lessons along the way which made for one of the best lessons ever, patience!
The target from the 5 point had a number of obstacles that were pointed out each day and are all in the manual and previous lesson for reference.
This particular wave was virtually an entire manual in one lesson and finally exploded today (Dec 13th ) to the extended original target line for a 125 point move.
Patience is a virtue and will be rewarded.
Thank you again, Bill.
12/14/23 (Canada)



Message from long time student after time away.
Hey there Bill,
I’m doing backflips I’m so excited right now. Got my chart set up last night.
When I see before my eyes is my first go at Wolfe Wave lines in just a little short of 2 years and see how I could be making a bundle today, if I were calm and ready to go on my trading platform.
It’s like riding a bicycle this W.W., it comes back quickly. Now I have to do the refinement of all those little fine points and little details that give that extra edge and knowing whether a particular wave still has legs or it’s time to get out.
Thanks again Bill, I’m happier today than I’ve been in a while ??
(3/16/23) South Carolina, USA



A typical email from past student. (12/10/20)

Hi Bill,

Are you still teaching fading and averaging in trading the Wolfewave or are you using a new method?

There are a lot of youtube videos claiming to know the Wolfewave but they’re not what I learned.

Hope all is well.


Hi David,

All is well here and I am still doing the same old methodology.

Nothing new here. Yes, I am aware of all that garbage on the Internet.

Best regards,

Bill Wolfe

Bill, Yes, it’s unbelievable! I’m glad to hear you’re well and the method is the same, because it’s what I use. It amazes me how years of experience can help see more clearly. These youtubes see something that worked out, and think that must be a wave. They should just call you and save themselves all the time and trouble to reinvent the wheel!

Happy holidays!


Amen, David!
Have a great holiday season.



Hi Bill,

Here is the first full wave i traded- thank you: i bought the 1440 puts for a gain of $16k. is there an option strategy you prefer?

Chart not shown (GOOGL).

6/29/20 Texas

Wolfe Wave Predicts the Future…Yet Again

Hello Bill,

I hope you are doing well and are healthy during these trying times.

Once again, I’ve used the Wolfe Wave to help position myself for success in the markets.

I just want to say thank you for teaching this knowledge. I will use it for a life time.

(3/26/20) California



Here’s the most enjoyable thing which warms the heart. I’ve had CNBC on in the back round while working in the office today. All I hear all day long and even now as I’ve returned to the office to peak at the W.W.’s and I hear the distress in the talking heads.

They are simply compelled to find solace, a reason, and explanation, engage in arguments that try to explain “it’s ok”….

Boy it’s amusing.

They should have simply mailed a check to Pleasantville and put in some years watching, learning, drawing, thinking, observing and then they could have actual answers.


(2/28/20) New York (USA)

(This was on a day when the market was down a few thousand points for the week.)


Hi Bill,

Like the lights on the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, W.W.’s are everywhere.

Wishing you all the best.

Merry Christmas,

(12/24/19) New York (USA)


Hi Bill,

These weekly option trades really are something else. We had a beautiful setup Friday the 13th on this (not shown) one minute ES chart that I entered into at 10:58 for a cost of .21 each and out Monday the 16th on the push up for 1.06 with absolutely no heat and with the options, defined risk, which also removes any stress from holding over a weekend.

All the best for a great Christmas and Fantastic 2020.

(12/16/19) Canada


Hello Bill,

how are you doing? 🙂

Since i took your course and read you manual moren than 11 times, now i live from Forex. 😀
I also found a lot more points where WWs happen and trade them.

Today i looked at your Website and saw your charts with this SPY options.

Can you tell me please where i can trade them? Which Broker do offer this options?

It would be very nice to some more Information from you about this.

Ahhh, and thanks for changing my life!!!! 😀

(2/12/2019) Austria


Hello Bill,

Hope all is well!

It’s been a little over a year since I took your course and things couldn’t be going better. I have been following the USDJPY forex pair this month and it has been extremely generous in providing trading opportunities.

I’ve taken now 4 trades in a row, currently in my 5th which will take me to my 6th. Every wave I’ve traded has been an internal wave of the next one. It was absolutely beautiful so I thought I would share it with you.

(3/16/2019) U.S.A


Good Morning,

Take your pick…..all three indices had very nice W.W.’s.

News on CNBC was all scary…….Wolfe Wave practicioners know better.

Thanks Bill.

Hope you cashed in today as well or maybe you’re already done for the
week and taking it easy.

W.W. ! ! ! ! !

(Student included a chart of the ES with a 39 point move up to hit the target line.)

(8/2/18) Florida


Hello Bill,

Yesterday was my single largest pay day in a single day. Over $ 7,600.00 yesterday on a simple single NQ and 4 ES. I walked into the office about 10 minutes before 4:00 and had some resting targets while out at work.

Low and behold…I turned on the screens and had to scramble the “Center” price in my DOM as we were in blast off mode….as price approached my “way out there targets” that I figure might get hit by Thursday late or Friday…..there they were….in the crosshairs….so I let them take me out and gave up a few handles….no big deal.

The point is….man this thing is really starting to get traction….and the change if life is around the corner…

Thanks in large part to Bill Wolfe and W..W.

Many thanks….

(7/24/18) New York


Hi Mr. Wolfe,

Attached is my bearish view. Can’t help but see 1s everywhere. And the bull CW on the futures was hit today so, in my mind, those PPs are free to take hold and send us lower. (Apologies for the messy Daily chart.)

Following week DJI fell 1605 and nailed his target line.

(2/26/18) Australia


Good Morning, Bill,

Since I live in a very small world of “friends” I don’t have any one to send you for the course……

Can you please give me a nice Restaurant of your liking please……I have to give back….

This is too damn easy now……problem is I don’t load up on size and change my livelihood yet……confidence thing….working on it.

I pray for back and forth Volatility this year…..I’m praying for it….


(2/22/18) New York



I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this knowledge, it is priceless. You have completely changed my view of the Wolfe Wave. I have completely thrown out everything I thought I knew about the Wolfe Wave and replaced it with your knowledge.
You answered key questions I had about the type of wave I should be looking for. I’m sure I will have questions along the way as I continue to trade. I hope it is okay if I ask them as they come up.

Thank you again for your knowledge!

12/15/17 (California)


Dear Bill,

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed learning the past 2 weeks. I wish I could keep receiving the faxes. Once I have thoroughly learned everything and have consistent profits, I will find a referral. If there were any way to continue until then, I would love the opportunity.

Seeing waves unfold and understanding what to look for at the turning points of the dominant wave truly emulate waves of the ocean.

Again, it’s been fantastic. No doubt, the Wolfe wave explains so much of what is really going on in the market.



Thanks so much Bill!

You are a great teacher. 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!



A quote from a recent recipient of Referral Rewards:

Thank you, Bill.

It was interesting to see the market sell off and fill the gap this morning only to come all the way back and hit the 3 point you referenced ahead of time before the market even opened. You never cease to amaze me. I am looking forward to the 10 days of new lessons and see what new tricks you have up your sleeve since I last took your course 15 years ago.

All the best,

5/2/17 (Canada)

A follow-up from above…

Hi, Bill.

This is a crude trade that I took yesterday afternoon with just a one lot. I had been stalking the trade but had to leave for a few hours. When I opened my charts the price had penetrated the 5 point and bounced a bit. I was a little late but really liked the setup and would have added at least one more if the price had come back to the sweet zone. The Wednesday crude inventory announcement nicely catapulted the price right to the target line where I had my “oco” order. I can now see why they call it “sweet crude”…. $1710 in less than 20 hours.

Thanks for the refresher course; I am much more in tune with the timeframe and the potential bumps that I often have underestimated in the past. I am up nicely this past week.

Best Regards,

5/10/17 (Canada)


Comment from the referred student…

Hi, Bill.

The course has been fantastic and literally paid for itself. Is there anything that would act as a warning that price was going to break like that this morning?

Also, how do you incorporate the fib circles into the wave as it progresses, as shown in your website examples?


5/12/17 (Canada)

Me (Bill Wolfe): Thank you for the very nice comment. The answers to both questions are in today’s lesson.


Giant Wolfe Wave

Is it fair to say this is the mother of all W.W.’s that has been in the back ground that one could have leaned on and trusted all along….?

– – – – –


Up the single best trading day I’ve ever had…..still carrying my position and being rewarded today handsomely.

Upstate New York 3/1/17


Waves galore…

Student: “Put this one on the web-site…. Relaxing and rewarding watching it play out.” (Student attached a chart with a bullish Wolfe Wave on the ES that produced a 28 point move, bottom to target line.)

Me: Keep reading the chart from right to left. This market is producing great trades each day, especially rewarding in SPY weekly options.

1/24/17 New York


Hi Bill,

“Text book” bullish wave today. Have a great New Year. (Student attached a bullish wave on the ES. From bottom to top 20 pts!)



Thank you for the update, Bill. The referral offer makes a lot of sense.

Incidentally, I have been trading SPY weekly options for about a month, all of them intraday, some of it on paper at the outset, but the last week and a half was all “for real” trading, and in a way I’m glad you hadn’t offered the email service earlier, since in going back to the faxes and just drawing chart after chart and skinning my knees a few times, the result si that I have done 27 winning trades in a row since Monday of last week, and I couldn’t be more delighted.

I’m getting a very good rate of return, not quite to the audacious goal I’ve set for myself, but REAL progress is being made and I am continuously amazed by the simplicity [and sophistication] of your methodology and how it gets me out either at or very close to the top of a move. Even though I’ve been aware of Wolfe Wave since 2000, and purchased your course 10 long years ago, it still “blows my mind” every day. Many congratulations to you on your discovery.

I’ll write you in more detail about my results in the near future, but I wanted to give you an “executive summary” of what’s going on here.

Any feedback on this would be appreciated, and as I’ve mentioned before, it takes a lot to get me off Maui these days, but if I’m ever in your neck of the woods I would be honored to shake your hand. This has changed my life. Many thanks.

12/9/15 (Hawaii)


Dear Mr. Wolfe,

Thank you for the update. I definitely will recommend your course whenever I get the opportunity to do so. I’ve gotten very proficient with your method and still to this day I am utterly amazed at it’s stunning accuracy. Combining Wolfe Wave with SPY weekly options, especially when opportunities present themselves on Fridays, would be unfathomable to anyone who is not aware of WW. I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving holiday.




Dear Mr. Wolfe,

Thank you for posting “Tips for Wolfe Wave Students” on your web site. I am a student of yours from 2011. Your methodology continues to be utterly amazing. It has given me the ability to become totally financially independent beyond what I could have ever envisioned.



Dear Bill,

Thanks for your quick replies!

Frankly speaking, in 2010 I first noticed your wave on your website by random surfing on the internet. I used a lot of indicators and trading systems, but always returned to your wave. For three years I was short of something that could give success in trading. I am very much happy I have taken your course, as now I am not afraid of playing your wave and know the exact algorithm of its work. Also, finally, I totally refused to use any indicators.

Best regards,

Ukraine 1/12/14


Selected quotes during a tumultuous week in the market.


Dear Mr. Wolfe,Thank you very much for your ongoing support. It is honestly priceless.

I see that the FOMC meeting dragged the market lower after creating the 5 point. (DJIA fell 200 points. Next day it fell an additional 350 ponts to nail the target line.)


Hi Bill, What a week! Wolfe Wave is simply ” Amazing”!



Dear Mr. Wolfe

I would like to thank you for the opportunity of having you teach your amazing methodology to me. It is very rare to have the amazing opportunity of learning a theory from the professor himself. You are like the Albert Einstein of Trading. I am happy, extremely happy, that I found your website. Its as if I was lost in a maze with a thousand doors, and I somehow managed to choose the correct door every time and finally led me to your website. After reading the manual and going over the faxes, I understand almost all of the information. However, I think it will take quite a bit of time to really perfect it. I still need to develop the rhythm of spotting the waves and anticipating their movements before they happen. I am dedicated to one day becoming an expert wolfe wave practioner.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 6/14/13


Hi Mr Wolfe,

I took your course in December 2011 and I am constantly amazed at the pinpoint accuracy of your method. Also, I just wanted to say thank you for posting your thoughts on your blog. I have never had any questions after I took your course as I was always able to find the answer by re-reading and studying the material. But, you never know one of these days I might. Would that be ok please?

My discovery of your web site about a year ago could not have come at a better time. I am going to be retiring from my profession in the electric utility business this December and your method has provided me with a way to generate retirement income. Just the knowledge alone that the stock market is now moving from a potential 4 point to a potential 5 point on the weekly time frame is priceless in itself. Without knowledge of a wave of this magnitude there is no doubt that my retirement funds would have been decimated. With this knowledge and the other priceless information contained in your course I am highly confident to take control of my own financial destiny.

I just wanted to drop you this quick note and let you know that your course is the very best investment I have ever made. I hope all is well with you and again, thank you so much for being the great person and teacher that you are.



Dear Mr. Wolfe,

I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ everyday for leading me to Linda and Larry’s book and then to your trading method. I’m convinced they’re way better than Elliot Wave and Fib Ratios.

Thank you and may God mightily BLESS you!!



I recently took your Wolfe Wave course and it was the very best learning experience I have ever had in my entire life. You have given me the ability to plan my own trade and to trade that plan. No longer do I have to rely on some self-appointed financial guru. You have given me the tools and the many decades of your experience for me to become a very successful trader. You are a master teacher and I will forever be grateful to you for sharing your highly effective methodology with me.

Kindest Regards,



Hi Bill,

Thank you for your incredible lessons. Your method is beyond words.

On a scale from 0 to 10 with 0 being junk and 2 being absolutely fantastic I would already have to give it a 12. And it will probably range somewhere in the twenties, once I fully comprehend all the details you have shared with me.

Of course there are plenty of questions left, but I want to try answering them by myself after thoroughly re-reading your material a couple of times. Presumably I will have to seek your advice on some specifics in the future, though.

Today I know I missed a nice 50+ point down move, but the series of bullish waves starting on late Sep 19th looked a little frightening to me.

I was able to predict the EUR/USD rocket of 159 pips correctly. And the following 219 pips down as well. Actually my study was a little more conservative so I didn’t get the whole move.

I can’t express how thankful I am that you chose to share this with me.

Germany 9/20/11


Hi Mr. Wolfe,

Hope you are well. Just wanted to say that I knew not to buy that 1340 breakout in the S&P at the end of April, because I had this wave drawn out: (Bearish Wolfe wave not shown.)

It’s amazing how the price just seems to be drawn to the potential 1-4 lines. People thought I was crazy when the S&P was at 1365 and I didn’t want any of it. I even thought I was crazy at times (but I just kept telling myself to have courage and patience, like the manual says). It really is like seeing the future. (“Seeing the Future” is the title of the Wolfe Wave manual.)

Thank you again,



Hi Bill,

I enjoyed receiving the faxes very much. In fact I had slight withdrawals this morning not receiving any. Though the faxing is complete I’ll be going over these, and the manual, many times. It was truly exciting watching these develop in real time.

Thank you very much for your time and if I have any questions I’ll contact you, but as I mentioned I need to go over the material several times or more as questions will probably be answered there. There is a lot of information there, it’s pretty thorough. This has really given me a new way to look at the markets and does explain a lot of the market moves. It’s fantastic.

I really like the psychological aspects of trading you have provided (and also the little ‘squirrel’ story in the manual!). I do believe there is a rhythm to the universe, something much greater than us. It makes me wonder how these ‘waves’ also may appear in our lives, relationships, pursuits, etc.

Well that’s it for now, thank you again Bill. Hope to be in touch if I need assistance or just to let know how well these are working out for me.

–Satisfied Student



Dear Satisfied Student,

From time to time I paste letters on my website. Can I have your permission to add yours? I do not attach names or even initials as I never reveal the identity of students.

Thank you very much.


Bill Wolfe

Bill, you do have my permission to use any or all of anything I say about your course if you find it useful. But truly, seeing the beauty and elegance of Waves and how they play out over and over has given me a renewed confidence in the markets and a commitment to pursue this method exclusively. Your manual and faxes have given me all I need to know. It is much more relaxed, less exposure yet more profitable. I don’t have the stress about the markets I used to! Many thanks again Bill for teaching this method.

–Satisfied Student


Dear Bill,

This was the best investment I have ever made =) Thank you for your instructions.
I have already traded some nice waves and made some nice profits.

Kind regards,

3/9/11 (Turkey)


Mr… Wolfe –

The fax-based lessons over the past 2 weeks have been nothing short of amazing. It all really came together on Wednesday of last week (I felt like I understood it before, but feel like I really started “getting it” at this point). I have now successfully traded the waves on stock options using hourly and daily charts, but find myself drawn to just trading the e-mini s&p on an intraday basis. It seems more appealing to be able to compress the time period that I am involved in a trade and to eliminate the idiosyncratic risk aspect. This whole thing is very exciting, because I finally feel like I have a system that I can believe in, that isn’t contingent on the planets aligning for it to work.

I am also fascinated by the waves on a longer period time frame as an aid in overall market timing. That monthly chart you faxed over last week really drives home the point that all price movement is caused by waves and that there is always a longer term wave at work. I would have felt much better when the world was ending in ’08 if I had known that we were merely creating a point 3. I will remember that next time, when we are at the 5 point, which I’m sure will be just as painful (if not more so). For the shorter term, I attached a Wolfe Wave that I drew on the 4 hour chart of the E-mini S&P with some “what if” price levels (always fun to play what if). Would love for you to take a look at it.

Anyway, I just want to thank you again for your instruction. I feel like I have spent the last 10 years looking for a system like yours. I left my job in finance to go to business school, hoping that formal education in finance (I had come up through the IT department) would bring me closer to successful trading. But after school I was no closer to being able to sit down in front of a computer and consistently generate a profit through trading than I had been before. Then I thought I would learn to trade by working in the Sales and Trading division of an investment bank (makes sense right?). Well, that was even worse, as I’m sure you can imagine. It’s amazing how little of that job is about what the market is actually doing. Although I didn’t see it at the time, getting laid off from that gig was that best thing that could have happened to me. I feel so lucky to have found your site (after re-reading Linda Raschke’s Street Signs while stranded on the runway in Augusta, Georgia) and to have had the good sense to learn from you. If you are ever in Manhattan I would love to meet you in person. I look forward to staying in contact and thank you again for everything.

3/20/11 (New York)


Dear Bill,

If I named the Subject as Seasons Greeting, I was afraid you might not open to check it! My apology.
Belated Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! 🙂

It only feels like yesterday that I used to browse through your site, reading every line, every bit of information about WW’s that you disclosed, and every single comment from students singing praises about your methodology. And i would say to myself, can all this be true?

Your straight foreward approach, honesty & no BS attitude that comes accross from ur writing, had me convinced, and I believe it was in my destiny to take up your course.
From the manual, to the advanced lessons, to painstakingly replying back to every single doubt I have asked,
I cannot thank you enough. Truely, you have taught me a skill, with which to analyse the markets in a totally new light.

And the result… My trading has never been more profitable. Ofcourse iv still got to be strict on my risk management, but its unbelieveable how accurate and powerfull these waves can be. On two separate occasions, I spotted and traded +10% moves in one single day, in bluechip companies!! The kind of stuff i could only dream about, till now that is!
Your methodology, and your style of teaching, both rock!
Thank you for sharing your priceless knowledge with me.

May God Almightys blessing be upon you and your beloved, forever.

Thanking You,

1/3/11 (India)


Hi Bill… well I guess this
bullish wave has begun its ascent. Thanks for the feedback. (Bullish
wave was kicked off by a 275 point rally in the Dow.)




Hi Bill,
It sure was entertaining watching all those so called “experts” on TV last week.
If they
would have take taken your course they would have known what caused that sharp
drop in the market (Dow was down 457 points). Pressure points! As you say
push the price down with a vengeance.”
All the best,



Hello Bill,
I purchased your course in June 2005 and have had a stop-and-start experience in
my study of the Wolfe Wave, due to various circumstances. I’ve had a great
of consistent daily practice on Forex charts since September of last year, which
thoroughly enjoyed, both due to the fact that my “chops” seemed to come back
quickly after not having done much practice for a couple of years, and that my
seems to grow by leaps and bounds without much fuss, just by daily practice.

As I’ve mentioned to you before, I’ve always appreciated your making yourself
for questions, and I’ve saved a few over the last few months that I’d like to
run by you.
In no particular order: (Questions omitted.)

As always, thank you in advance for your feed back. It has been a real treat to
had nearly 7 months of solid practice which, among other things, provides daily
confirmation of the soundness of the methodology. I’m confident that I will be
the students that say that your course is the best investment they ever made.
Thanks again. Cheers,


Dear Bill,
The really, really nice attribute of the Wolfe Wave is that, it is either a
Wolfe Wave
or it is not a Wolfe Wave. You never think: well… maybe it is a Wolfe Wave
maybe it is not.

In technical analysis and in trading, I have been taught, that there is no sure
or so I thought! The Wolfe Wave brings this belief into the realm of dispute.
Thank you,


Dear Bill,
I wanted to wish you Merry Christmas. It is so nice not to be a victim of the
market like
so many other people are. With the Wolfe Wave we have an incredible tool to work
Kindest regards,
12/25/09 (Canada)


Hi Bill,
Congratulations–you deserve the Nobel prize for your “discovery” and for making
mockery of all the high tech secret computerized trading systems—small wonder
Lehman Brothers went bankrupt.
Warmest regards,



Dear Bill,
Thank you for the valuable lessons. The examples during the last two weeks were
nothing short of brilliant. I’m sure I will have some more questions in the
future. I
appreciate your unlimited support.
3/30/10 (UK)



Dear Bill,
This last ten-days were like a Magic Carpet ride. I don’t think I could have
learned it
without the live charts. You are indeed an excellent teacher.
Thank you so much.
Saudi Arabia



Hi Bill,
It’s been a long time since we’ve been in contact. In this environment one just
has to love
the waves. I scaled down a bit, away from intraday trading to position trading
with stock
options. It just consumed too much time to sit in front of the screen the whole
day jumping
in and out all the time. But what should I say? There are so many opportunities
times, that I end up with dozens of positions each week 😀
Given the fact that your method finally turned me into a profitable trader, I
will get a chance
to manage some money for the fund I currently work for as an admin. I still
cannot believe
it, somebody offers me to trade other peoples money…this must be a dream. I
did not
tell anyone what I do and how I do it, but when I say, I have a position and my
asks for the entry, he starts smiling when he notices me selling at daily highs
and buying
the lows over and over again. He asked for my statements and here I go…job as
a trader.
Damm, Bill, I hope I have the chance someday to thank you personally…this has
changed my life.
2/5/09 Switzerland



Sincere Thank You
It’s hard for me to express how thankful I am that you share your methodology
with others
including myself. I re-read all your testimonials on your site and thought to
myself what can
I tell this man that he doesn’t already know. Everything is true, everything!
methodology makes so much sense, knowing in advance where things should happen
is so liberating. You are a genius in my book. I used to second guess myself all
time, not anymore. I know it’s only been two weeks but you teach the methodology
well that the whole picture just seems to leap out at you. I’m so excited for
the future,
why you ask, because the title of your manual says it all, I can see it.
(The title of the manual is “Seeing the Future(s)” by Bill Wolfe and Brian
Thanks again and God Bless


Hi Bill,
Nice market isn’t it. I had a very good day. I went short yesterday on a very
nice bearish
wave (see Eurostoxx chart). Today exit near the low of the day at the epa line.
I expected some strength this month, but the patterns are bearish and they don’t
Have a nice weekend Bill.
12/12/08 (Holland)


Dear Mr. Wolfe,
What a week this has been. One of my very best as far as trading is concerned.
And as
our horse business is slowing down I have some awesome success following your
Wave method.
Many times in the past couple of years have I thanked my Lord and Saviour that
he let
me stumble across your website. It has changed my life.
I thank you, Mr. Wolfe, from the bottom of my heart that you decided to share
your method
with me. You have no idea how much my life has changed and even as I talk to
most of
my friends they see a very dark future, I see a very bright future with
opportunities like
never before.
Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!
I wish and hope that I’m able to return to you a small token of what you have
me………a bright, hopeful future.
Have a God blessed weekend.


A nice completed Wave today out of yesterdays low/close for a 67 point move
I caught.
Thank you!
10/28/08 (Canada)


Hi Bill,
Just wanted to let you know that I’m doing really fine trading the WW. I managed
average 1% daily return on my account…that’s far beyond my wildest dreams.
9/25/08 (Germany)


Hi Bill,
Today’s fax was quite stunning…I have never seen a better method to determine
direction of the trend and to prevent trading against market flow.
Simple and brilliant…wow.


Caught my best W.W. ever….25.75 Handles….Wow….
Thanks again Bill


I have enjoyed the instruction immensely and hope to refine my skills over the
future. There is so much information and knowledge it will take some practise
experience in the markets.
6/16/08 (Canada)


Hi Bill,
I just wanted to let you know that the fax training is going very well. You have
an excellent
course, and it really seems to be making a fundamental change in the way I view
behavior. All the information is good, but I found the interpretation of
risk/reward using the
angles of the magnet lines and “Reading the Chart from Right to Left” especially
I must admit that after studying “rhythm” examples, I started seeing waves
everywhere. I’m
quite pleased that we started this week considering the volatility, even though
I haven’t
been trading so I can focus on the education.
Thank you for your teaching – it’s really excellent!


I just have to say I watched today as the 120 minute wave we have been following
did its thing….price came down hard like it was going to fall off the
planet… touched
the 1-3 line, poked its head into the sweet zone then blasted off toward the 1-4
target… wow that was cool! Your advice to wait and stick to the rules was
I finally and actually saw it work. I am a changed man… very nice. I will
continue studying
and send you some charts to make sure I got it right.
Thanks again Bill.


I had a completion of a bearish 5 wave entry yesterday that launched into the
completion of the 15 bullish wave this morning. The entry was within one tick of
bottom and I nailed 17 points. I did not hold overnight but noted that it hit
today. I made
5 times the cost of tuition on that one play so I am pretty happy so far (I used
my own
discretion and confirmed with my normal methods since you probably don’t want me
just yet but it was a slam dunk.)


Hi Bill,
Today was the first day that these things started jumping off the page. The real
ones are
nearly unmistakable. I was starting to wonder if I made the right call doing
this until today.
I am pretty seasoned at this but feel new again…thank you.


Nice call Bill…followed the script and faded the entry with multiple
contracts…still have about
a 1/3 position to see if it follows thru to the target with a liberal stop just
in case. Textbook
and very profitable for about 35 net ES points in 2.5 days. Huge Kudos.


This chart seems to be perfect for use as one of your lessons. A sequence of
wave perfection with a major bearish starting May 19th leading into a bullish
wave then another smaller bearish wave which coincides with the larger bearish

wave started on May19th. It was a confluence of two bearish waves that led to
collapse. (DJIA fell 394 points.)
I got long at the 5 point on a bullish wave and upon recognition of the 2
waves coinciding; I sold yesterday at the close. My only mistake was that I did
get short yesterday at the close. I guess I should be thankful for capturing the
strong move yesterday and having the sense to sell at the close.
Thank you for your great methodology.


Dear Bill,
I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge……I think this is
My daily success has increased measurably. Should you consider a subscription
service with updates on larger waves and comments on current waves perhaps
daily or weekly, reminders of pressure points, stop boxes, constructing the 1 to
line etc., I would certainly be interested.
Thank you again.


I don’t know why you are selling this system; it can’t be for the money. You’re
kinder man than me.



Dear Mr. Wolfe
Once again it is time to THANK YOU for what you have learned me. I can’t tell
how excited I am and how well I am doing. These volatile times are wonderful,
while I watch others struggle with tons of indicators and expensive advisors, I

enjoy some very nice trading opportunities. The horse business almost came
to a standstill in the last 6 months. We have been lucky to sell our Grand Prix
Jumper and also one of our Cutting Horses. However, I’m not worried about the
future because I learned from you. It is a blessing that I came across your
of trading.
I hope you and your family are doing well and that you are blessed with good
health. It is still my wish and hope to meet you on one of your trips to
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Best Regards.



This can be interesting next week don’t you think! Nice move from 4 to 5.
All the best from Holland 😉
This three year student enclosed a chart with a very bearish Wolfe wave.
The S&P
fell approximately 100 points the following week and hit the target line.
Interesting indeed.



What I have learned from you shatters my previous understanding of technical
I have now tried it on currencies, stocks and futures. The accuracy is
incredible. How
the Wolfe Wave puts the market into the proper time frame is unbelievable. It is
magic. How does this work? Why does this work?
Answer: You are not alone in thinking that this is magic. I have heard that
many times.
My methodology works by accurately balancing price and space (time) to project
price. It works because it is a natural rhythm that constantly repeats itself. A
rhythm will never stop working.



I have attached a chart of a completed Wolfe Wave of silver which was a great
trade for me. It is a move of 7k per contract in 11 trading days! Since we trade
the metals
daily, Wolfe Wave has boosted our bottom line immensely this past year in an
active market.
Your methodology continues to blow me away with its accuracy…….
Best Regards,
1/7/08 (Canada)



Dear Bill,
Your work is so good. I made $1,600 this morning before I went shopping at 10
am. CST.
Sometimes shopping is so expensive. When I looked at my screen when I came home
I saw another long at 11:55 and a second long at 2:40. The second went to the
close. I only spent $425.00 shopping so you gave me a great day!
Thank you both so much.



Wolfe Wave analysis still does work well in Europe Bill;)
DAX en Eurostoxx50 opened this morning in the sell zone, and closed @ EPA.
Gravity did his work;)
12/11/07 (Holland)




This certainly is a different way of looking at the market. Your lesson on reading a chart from right to left was absolutely brilliant.

Thank you for teaching me this methodology.






I echo the thoughts from the letter posted on your site…..I know longer have the fear, uncertainty, disillusionment….and on and on. W.W. has opened the language of the market to my eyes….So beautiful !!! From time to time I goggle W.W. to see what is being said out there. Yes I see the silly stuff you’ve mentioned, I see the complaints from those in chat rooms about the 3K cost and how “it used to work in the 80’s and 90’s, but not anymore” “The pros use it against those attempting to use W.W.”

Terrific, the fewer who know and use this amazing approach….the better !!!!

The chart attached say’s it all !!!!






I took your course several years ago and love it still !!! The setups can be very powerful.







Another direct shot for W.W.

W.W. was spot on!!







Wolfe Wave does it again! While the rest of the world is “freaking-out” over a 700 point decline, bearish Wolfe Wave nails the target line.

Thanks, Bill!






This is the most beautiful method I have ever traded.

Thank you.





Hi Bill.

I know you have seen those Waves, but what a beauties aren’t they?! I still find it fascinating when the price hits the epa line exactly before it turns!

Also at the longer (dominant wave?) timeframe the price hits the epa line very nice.

When I see examples like those, I still get a very good (happy) feeling that I have learned to see this, (seeing order in the chaos)!

Again thanx Bill!

3/6/07 (The Netherlands)



I would like you to know that I am one of your biggest admirers. The progress that you have made at the young age of 27, and speaking English only as a second language, is very special. Your Wolfe Wave analysis is excellent.






Wolfe wave traders clearly had a leg up yesterday which was quite valuable (Dow down 416). I had been nursing a put position since the 15th.

I hope you are well and prosperous.







Hi Bill.

Thank you very much for your course. Wolfe Wave is a beautiful methodology, elegant and powerful. I wish I would come across it earlier. It would have saved me time and money.

I realize that it is still a long way to go before I gain experience and will be good at trading the waves but even now I am proud to associate myself with Wolfe Wave practitioners.

All my questions have been answered during the course. Your teaching is outstanding.

Thanks again and all the best to you and your family.


2/17/07 (Canada)


Hello Bill.

I would like to complain.

You have taken away all of the pleasure from my trading. No longer the impulse trade, the excitement if it went my way, and no longer the pain when, more often than not, it went against, looking for the stop.

All joking aside, a big thank you for the teaching. I still have a long way to go to completely tune into the waves.

One thing, discipline is great, although I can see old trades I would have taken, if they don’t fit into the pattern, I stand aside. Having a good idea what may play out, the ups and downs have very little impact on ones emotions.

If a trade doesn’t work out, it’s great to be able to put together another scenario, for a safe exit.

I still have a long way to go, but having just had my best week ever on FX, and a second winning week on the trot, things will only get better.

So once again, a big thank you Bill.

All the best.

2/12/07 (UK)



I received this email from a 4 week student prior to the market opening on 1/25/07:

Hi Bill,

I believe today we will have a day the same as you put somewhere on your site about the media which expects a positive day with good news etc. But we know better… 🙂

(He attached a chart with a huge bearish Wave.)

And this was the news at the end of the day:

“A day after hitting its 26th record close in four months, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 119.21 points, its heaviest decline in two months.”




Hi Bill,

I enjoyed the course. Thank you for teaching me the methodology
and answering questions.

At this point things seem to make sense and I feel like I’m ready to
get started. My plan is to start trading the mini dow, and if I need
more trading opportunities, individual stocks. I’ll trade the minimum
size until I get some experience, and if things go well, I’ll trade bigger

Once again, a big thank you, and I’ll probably be asking more questions
after some hands on practice




Goodmorning Bill.

Greetings from Holland.

I would like to tell you that the information you sent to me the last days is so enormous helpfull! Really it is!
It is so fascinating when most of the time everyting fits by the rules you have discovered! I ‘m convinced that there is no better way to trade the markets than this! I’m deeply under the impression, also the way you teach! Excelent! That you discovered this makes you my hero! Also your vision about how it works and that there is always a Wave in progress and why, is a good lesson. In the past I had most of the time no clue what I could expect. Now, I can plan my trades and feel myself a more complete trader in my journey to become a complete trader!

For example this afternoon when the figures came out 9.30am your time. See the chart of de DAX Future at point 4 / 5. I was always thinking that at this moments you can better look to the market, than trade, because the prices moves randomly. But now I know better. After the example in your fax with news, this is also an example that the ‘random move’ was a very profitable Planed opportunity, and
actually with very less risk. I could have planed a good trade! Hmm, it looks like the next wave is already in progress! 😉

Bill, again a lot of respect for you! Have a very nice weekend!






I just want to thank you for the advanced lessons. They cleared up all the subjectivity that was in the manual, just as you said they would. The faxes were extremely educational, to say the least.
I may have a question from time to time and I hope you will be able to answer them for me.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful system with me.

Bill: I provide unlimited support.




Hi, Bill —

Firstly, thank you. I’m thanking you for several things: Your incredible course & teaching ability, your willingness to share it and take on students, and for the great patience you’ve shown me (and all others, I’m sure) over the years.
Because of all of the above, I’ve confidently taken trades that I’d have never seen otherwise, and have done very well with your method. There are a few areas, though, that I still need to work through. When I truly understand these areas, I believe my trading will really soar to the next level.





When I found your email this morning it energized me, made me feel good. I didn’t know why. Now I know why. I just executed my 2nd profitable trade based on your wave method. IT WORKS!!! I’ve set my low and high limit alerts and let the trade do it’s own thing. The low alert for estimated 5 point and high alert for wave target. I got an alert not too long ago that it hit my high target and the trade was executed successfully. Yeah, sometimes things don’t set up 100% but the principle of Wolfe Wave trading is accurate.
Millions of thanks, your trading system is beyond anything I’ve learned in many books I’ve read so far.





Greatness is Seeing the Future.

11/02/06 (Germany)



Hi Bill,

I want to thank you very much for your fax course. It was my pleasure to receive your to-the-point, yet detailed instructions regarding how to analyze and trade the waves. I must say that your course was worth every penny because of it’s stunning simplicity however its accuracy is beyond anything I’ve ever witness in trading. My trading experience it’s be up and down, very inconsistent and frustrating. Now I’m getting to see some very positive results on paper first then in my trading account too. You are one of the best teachers I’ve seen so far. As I said the beauty of your wave stands in simplicity, not complexity. I am very sure that some questions may arise from my part and will address them accordingly.

With respect,

10/28/06 (U.S. Virgin Islands)




These Waves never cease to amaze me. I have had some monster trades over the past while with stock options as well. I bought 40 puts back in March at a buck when the stock popped up to 43 and sold them at between 4.50 and 6.50 in June and August based off of daily and weekly Waves and then bought calls on a bull wave August 24th and sold them the 12th of Sept for a $4 move in 13 trading days! Also sold a significant amount of silver on Sept 6th based on an extended 4 point and what a break it made.

Thanks a lot.

9/16/06 (Canada)



Hi Bill,

The Wolfe Wave has done it again. I sold my FTSE Sept Call with a profit of around 400GBP. Thanks.

1 July 2006 (U.K.)



Dear Bill,

After reading your manual few days back I was tracing the GBPUSD chart for WW on H4. I applied rules what were written in manual. I was amazed to see how really it works. I am attaching a charts it hit the target line few minutes back. This is a move for 400+ pips.

6/8/06 (India)



Dear Bill

Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoy trading Wolfe Wave. I never thought trading can be so rewarding. I pull more money out of the market then ever before and i’m only exposed in the market half the time then ever before with very little risk. I feel so confident now that I have started trading the moves from the 4 point to the 5 point. I love your system and I’m thankful, very thankful that you shared your knowledge with me. Thank you so much.

If you ever drive to Florida, I would be honored if you plan a stop at my Farm. You would be more then welcome and I would love to show you my Farm, Horses and so on.

Again, thank you very much. You have made a huge difference in my trading and in my life.

With my best Regards




Dear Mr. Wolfe,

I have a close friend in Australia which is also a trader and a very diligent student of Technical Analysis.

I would like to give him your course as a present that I think could make a big difference on his life, so I would like to pay for it.

Thank you very much for all your support and I hope that your tutorial make a difference on his Trading life as it continues to make on mine!

All the best,




Dear Mr. Wolfe,

Probably you are a bit surprised with such a heavy package, so, you deserve an explanation. Since you sent the compilation of the Wolfe Wave faxes that I did not completed when I started the course 10 years ago almost, I wonder how to express my gratitude for your action, since.

Any way, time passed on and other priorities took precedence, but at the same time I was studying the printouts every day and this time avoiding any pre-judgment and concurrently applying the theory to my intra day charts of the e-minis.

It was not an easy task and I think you can understand, this year I will complete 20 years in my trading journey, I know that is a quite a common place to say “I have seen and read almost all that is related to trading” but that that is not really too far from the true.

When I look back and see the thousands of dollars expended on seminars, books, software, airplane tickets to the US an UK, hotel bills and of course brokerage accounts of different amounts surrounded by wonderful and ugly moments, then I see how far I was of knowing what will take to trading for a living when I decided one day in 1986 to do whatever it takes to become a full time trader of my own account, a goal never accomplished completely but I will never give up anyway.

As you understand when we have been exposed to many different trading methodologies or approach that for one reason or another does not provide a way to obtain consistent profits from any financial tradable instrument when with real money on real exchanges, we become very suspious of any “new” technique, book, software. Etc, Simple or complex.

And after so many years of trial and error we become psychogically very uncertain about the reasons of our failure going from denial to skeptism, ego centered to auto-destruction.

So that was, more or less, my state of mind when I read you first manual 10 yeas ago. The contents were very straight forward for me, nothing really new, kind of Elliot Wave simplified and ABC formation targets.., so I immediately tested with the big S&P and the DM/USD. I lost about 10K after 4 weeks period of tests, sent you some charts with questions and then give up not even requesting the faxes. Wolfe Wave went on the shelf of my trading library with the corresponding tag price!

It was one of these days before years end when we have to clean up the mess of papers and books in order to free space for the other stuff that I noticed my faxes to you and your first manual “Seeing the Future”, there was your answers to my faxes..with the same kind of cold and distant tone: “Reread the manual and you will know.” directing me to a page number.

My thought was, let see how he now run a website with the same stuff or have added some kind of “cosmetics” to the waves, applying fractals or chaos fancy names to the method in order to become updated to new trends.

Making a long story short, I contacted you and you sent me the set of faxes, no questions or money asked.

I read the manual at once and become with the same impression as before, straight forward but a distant and cold tone at same time and always with the last paragraph advising the student to put the manual aside for a few days if the material was confusing.? How in the world could someone not understand two or three trend lines going across pivot point formations?

I promised myself not to pre-judge, so I clean up my mind and my trading desk and started reading again page by page, one at a time.

Let’s make a this story short again, because it looks like those terrible infomercials or testimonials.

I was confronted with my own ignorance. Do not ask me why but in order to understand your methodology I had to put the book aside for some time, several times, look at the charts in real-time for a few days to see the materialization of the book contents then re-read the page again and again until it become part of my thought process and do it again for every concept.

I am doing this for the last 6 months, following in real-time the trading sessions everyday for the Russel, S&P and mini Dow, from 1 minute to 240 minutes and 500, 1000, 5000 and 20000 volume bars and placing the trades in simulation mode.

I have to admit that this methodology called Wolfe Wave is a complete trading system sufficiently discretionary in order that adapts to any market condition and at same time with a rigid mechanical set of internal rules that leave no margin for interpretation error.

A methodology that respects market behaviour and natural rhythm without subjectivity. More than a Technical Analysis unique accomplishment is a work of art, an expression of pure wisdom.

Bill, as English is not my mother tongue I can not really express my gratitude with the precise words, so I hope that one day I could thank you with a hug.

P.S.: The large big box is a large and special edition of one of the best Portuguese wines, this wine house produce this wine since 1350, the book and the bottles are to commemorate 650 years of production.

The book contains a compilation of all the “azulejos” (glazed tile), an ancestral Portuguese art that covers most of the ancient palaces and castles with origin in the Arabic people that lived here during the Roman Empire to 1430.

The book about Lisbon is just to give you a visual of this millenary small city with more than 2000 years, crossroads of different civilizations and cultures.

The Mont Blanc pencil is part of the special edition of the new Wolfgang Amadeus

Mozart collection to commemorate his birth, as you probably know he was unique when compared to all the other musical genius because he introduced a complete new and simple way to compose symphonies…he used to say, “Music just flows naturally on my mind.”

I hope that you enjoy each as much as I enjoy each day in front of my screens and re-reading your manuals…

5/15/06 (Portugal)



Dear Bill,

I can’t believe what I’ve learned. Ancient proverb “Give a man a fish,
teach a man to wish”. You’ve taught me how to fish and I’m forever

Thanks again and have a wonderful vacation.




I’m enjoying this so much. It is actually a lot of fun knowing how to
anticipate the markets next short term move. What a blast.




Hi Bill,

I wanted to say thanks for sending me the 10 days of faxes, they cleared
up a lot of questions I had previously had. You have been more helpful to
———- and I than anyone else we have “learned” from. Wolfewave is by
far the best and easiest thing I have ever learned and traded and I am excited
about my future trading career. Have a great vacation!




Hi Bill,

I’ve Just exited a very nice wave on a 5 minute mini Gold chart! (Chart showed a
$10 move.)




Hi Bill,

I’m sure you noticed that 5 minute wave I had counted out yesterday opened up in
the sweet zone. Just wanted to let you know I just exited with 8 points of




Hi Bill,

You were right. This does work on FX. I have been demo trading for
the past week since receiving your manual and I am amazed at the number of “well
structured waves” that I have found. And I haven’t even started on my
advanced lessons yet!




Hi Bill,

—— ——– and I have been tweaking a system for writing options using the
WW. We look for the 3,4, and 5 points as places to sell calls or puts, as
the case may be. It is not unusual for the options to lose 40-60% of their
value very quickly, at which time we can jump out and into something else.
This we believe to be a relatively low-risk method of trading and for the past
several months (each month) has paid for your course several times over.



Hi Bill,

Just wanted to tell you that I hit a perfect trade on the Russell yesterday and
made a quick $500 in about ten minutes. Thank you for sharing this with



Hi Bill,

In the past I tried to trade stocks and futures using short time intervals, but
found that I was much more successful sticking to daily and weekly charts;
I leave the day trading stuff to the younger guys and I’m only buying stocks for
the long haul and staying away from futures. The reason I’m writing
is that I wanted to tell you that the Wolfe Wave has given me an edge that has
helped enhance my bottom line. Thank you. I spotted a few daily and
weekly bullish WolfeWaves in Gold and the Gold Bugs Index (HUI) last year;
it made me happy since I’ve been heavily into gold mining stocks for a few
years. The exciting thing is that one of my stocks, Silverado Gold (SLGLF)
was doing very poorly. But, lo and behold, at around .05 to .07 cents in
December 2005 and January 2006, I spotted those lovely 1,2,3,4, points with a
sweet zone approaching. I was like a kid in a candy shop. People
were dumping and I was buying. The price was so cheap I kept raking in
thousands and thousands of shares, paying very little. I’m attaching a
chart so that you can see the results. Outstanding! You’ll
forgive me for deviating some from your teaching; I use candlesticks and a few
indicators to brighten up my charting page, not to make any WolfeWave decisions.
And also, I have been sticking with the stocks beyond the target line, using
traditional technical analysis to determine my exits.

Thanks again, Bill.




I made a 17 point profit on a bearish Wolfe wave today-straight down-in the S&P.

Thank you




In my humble opinion you deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for economics for having
discovered and codified what appear to be very universal market tendencies.
I’m also sure you’re dramatically improving the lives of many traders that would
otherwise be struggling.



Hi Bill,

I have been doing my homework and have been doing very well the last few months.
The currencies set up incredibly well on the daily last week for some monster

Thank you!



Dear Bill,

Wishing you and family a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. My resolution
for the new year: to be an expert Wolfwave practitioner. I have gone
through many courses, but the Wolfwave methodologies has impressed me.
This will change my life. I must say thank you so much for teaching me
Wolfwave. 2005 will be a year for me to remember for the rest of my life,
this is the year I learned the WolfWave.

Again, wishing you and family a very happy and prosperous new year.




Dear Bill,

The faxes were absolutely fantastic. It is incredible how the price hits
the target line. Thank you for sharing this with me.



Bill, …forgot to mention that I caught
every bit of the 2 min bear wave today with its 5 pt at 11:15 am. It’ was
straight out of the text book. Thank you very much.



Dr. Bill,

The Wolfe Wave analysis with fundamental info has helped us nicely with
commodity options. Thank you for your insights.



Dear Bill,

Thank you so much for the beautiful course. I shall use the wolfe wave
methodology for all my trading now.



Hello Bill,

For the past two weeks I’ve been studying the faxes and manual. The charts
I’ve been following are mainly the 2 and 5 minute. I look at the 15, 30,
and 60, but the waves just jump out on the 2 and 5. The past two days have
been unreal, off a 2 and 5 minute chart there were over ten points profit both
days. Now this is obviously an opportunistic time with minute to minute
coverage of the hurricanes, but the waves are there.



Got 2 words for you, Bill.

Awsome, and Thanks.




Dear Bill

Hope you’re doing well. I’m battling the heat and humidity her in Florida, but
I’m happy to say that I 150% enjoy trading again! Your system is
absolutely great! In the mean time I have canceled all my other
programs/advisory services, deleted two software programs I used previously and
I’ m so thankful that I have a quiet office, just me and my computer. No
stress, I’m only in the market when I have a reason to be in the market.




Dear Bill,

Just a short note to tell you that I’m doing great! Found my confidence
again. Taking more money out of the market then ever before; thank you and
thanks to your Wolfe wave.




Your confidence inspiring teaching is second only to the accuracy of your Wolfe
Wave methodology. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, but your fax of
5/13/05, hit the target line today. Thanks for teaching this to me.
(The student was referring to a bullish Wave that ran up over thirty S&P points
and nailed the target line.)




I would just like to thank you for your teaching. The market is not so
confusing and scary now
. Appreciate it
very much in fact, that’s an understatement. You have opened a whole new
avenue for me. I will still continue to learn and master what you’ve
taught but the $3k was worth every penny and much more.

God Bless You





I have never in my life seen anything as accurate as your Wolfe Wave.
I have watched with amusement the so called “experts” on TV trying to explain
this huge drop in the Market. Your Wolfe Wave hit it right on the nose.




I saw this 12 point sell off in the S&P today coming two days ago with the Wolfe
Wave. Actually, the trader emailed me pinpointing the exact top.




Even though I feel my “learning curve” may be a little slow, once I see a wave
on a chart I’m ALL over it w/ the analysis methods you’ve taught me — you’ve
helped tremendously and I really thank you. I also want you to know that for
every question I ask you, there are at least 20 that I’ve already figured out on
my own, by re-reading and studying the Manual and faxes. I’m working at it!



Dear Bill,

I’m very impressed! I have never seen a system that gives so precise entry and
exit points. This is mind blowing. I printed this chart and it’s now hanging
next to my computer. (Chart pinpointed a 58 point move in
the S&P.)
Thank you so much for sharing this with me. Looking for the
next step now………….




Is this magic? I can’t understand how or why this stuff works, but it does!
Yes and no. Magic is a term people put on something they can’t understand. It
becomes science once it’s understood. The Wolfe Wave identifies the proper
balance point between time and space (price). This concept is not yet understood
and therefore not accepted by most people.



Dear Bill

I am very thankful that I came across your website and I thank you very much for
giving me insight into your system. I have spent many thousend dollars in many
different products but I have to say your’s beat’s them all. I understand that
I’m still a bloody beginner but since my fax course ended I have not only made
all of my money back but I did not have one loosing trade with your system. It
takes patience to wait for the right setup but it is worth every hour one has to
wait And like you say in the manual; since I use your system I’m only exposed to
the “market” when I “know” why. You pretty much eliminated the guess work out of
my trading. I followed another system I was using in the past and it gave me a
short signal at the very low of today’s trading range after your system trade
was way-over-backwards in the money and the chart bar was about to hit the
target line. All I can say is; Thank you very much I’m deeply impressed.



I am now 6 for 7 in the last two days with over 125 pips profit. The only losing
trade ran 50 points my way after I got stopped out by two ticks.



The worst investment advice I ever got was from some idiot on the internet. He
told me that your course was not worth $3000. (He never took it!) Thank God I
didn’t listen to him.



I became “they” today and I am so proud of myself (laughter).
[What the student was referring to is something in my manual where I refer to
“they.” “They” are the ones that take out our stops. Run the price up. Run the
price down. Know in advance good news. Know in advance bad news. “They” are the
ubiquitous demons of a loser’s imagination. Attempt to become “they” by
positioning yourself at just the right time.]



Bill, you will be happy to know that I had part of
that 20 point Wave today.



Dear Bill,
Like many traders, I have studied many disciplines and concepts to trade by. I
found your Wolfe Wave concept one of the most pure and devoid of
artifice. I make most of my money by long term trading of futures, and the
Wolfe Wave
helps me exit most of my large positions at optimal levels
instead of having to wait on trailing stops.
Thanks again very much.

This addition to the above comment, I feel, is best given verbatim, to capture
the accuracy and honesty of the conversation.

Dear ____,
Below is my recollection of our conversation with regard to your sugar trade.
Would it be OK if I copied it, below your original comment, to my website?
Thank you,
Bill Wolfe

“Bill, I just wanted to share with you the details of a trade I just got out of.
As you know, I trade for the longer term. I was long sugar and exited precisely
at the Wolfe Wave target line. Minutes after the price hit the target line, the
price “just fell apart.” Had I not sold, I may have given back much of my gain.
The bottom line is that I was long 70 contracts and had a few calls. I made over
$35,000 on the trade. This stuff really works!”

Dear Bill:
You may certainly use the recollection of the conversation about my sugar trade.
To be absolutely accurate, I had a total of 60 contracts, and I exited all of
them substantially better than the target line (positive slippage). I made 8:1
on my additional load of 7.00 July calls which I exited at the same time.

Feel free to use this information any way you wish for your advertising. As you
know, there is amazing symmetry in the markets sometimes and it is great to be
able to exit at better spots than the trailing variety.

As you can see in the enclosed chart, I started buying sugar (started with 5) in
the sub 6.00 area because it was the Wolfe Wave entry zone and the market left
an island bottom. Feel free to use the chart if you wish. Wolfe Wave rules

(I wish I could use the chart but it reveals too much of the Wolfe Wave
teachings. -Bill)

______ _______



I was just on your site looking at some of the testimonials. If they were made
up, you have a hell of a marketing department. Anyway, I’ve decided to take your
Two-weeks later:
What a great rally to the 1-4 line of the 15 min Wave today. This method is
excellent, very simple but amazingly accurate. Thanks for sharing it with me.



I had been intrigued by the Wolfe Wave ever since learning of it several years
ago. I have to admit that I even purchased some “knock-off” so-called teachings
by you and some software that purportedly identified Wolfe Waves. After taking
your course, I can now compare and see that all that stuff was useless junk.
Thank you for teaching it to me.



Hello Bill,
Many thanks for your excellent teaching. Your view of the markets and the
natural balance/rhythm between supply and demand have been nothing short of
life-altering for me!



When I first read your manual, I have to admit, I found myself scratching my
head. Your personal help and the ten-day instructional faxes made all the
difference in the world.



Hello Bill,
I feel like ole Gabby Hayes in the desert that time when he finally hit the gold
strike — and it turned out to be the Mother Lode! (You know, cut a
little jig and appreciate it, as only an old man can.)
Thank you.



Thanks for all the extra help. I now feel proficient in Wolfe Wave analysis and
do not fear any market.



I was the envy of the office when I bought the low — amid mass confusion — and
sold the high — amid mass confusion, on FOMC day (11/08/02). The Wolfe Wave was
perfect! Incredible! I have never seen anything like this before.
Thank you for teaching it to me.



I just completed your course and thought it was fantastic!
Thanks again.



Mr. Wolfe
This course is far exceeding my expectations. I never thought it could be so



I think that you should be nominated for a Nobel prize in technical analysis.



I don’t know how you discovered this, but it is awesome. It is the best
technical analysis I have ever seen.



I have been trading for about nine years and have purchased hundreds of books
and courses. I have never seen anything like the Wolfe Wave. It is fascinating
and incredible! You must be a genius to have discovered it.
Thank you.



I will never use a friggin indicator again. Your stuff is the best in the world.
Thank you.



Just wanted to tell you that I had a great week last week, and things are going
very well. I am very pleased with the course.
Thank you.



I continue to be impressed with the Wolfe Wave. It really seems to be too
simple. I would be tempted to say that it’s just a re-test and failure of a new
high or low, except that it hits the target line so often. That really is the
key, at least for me. I am primarily interested in trading the S&P, however I
have been doing some research into other commodities as well. I have found the
Wolfe Wave to be a great trading tool in many markets I have looked at, be it
corn, cotton, coffee, gold, currencies etc. In particular, there are many
opportunities presented on the daily and weekly charts.
Thank you for all your help.



Dear Bill,
This is very late in coming, but I wanted to thank you for teaching me your
method. I’m still just practicing and enjoying seeing it play out.
Every night after the markets close I print out charts for the 5, 10, 15, 30,
hourly and daily charts, then look for Waves that have finished and those in
It will be awhile yet before I do the actual trading, but thanks again for your
teaching, this is so fascinating.



I took my first trade yesterday using the Wolfe Wave and made six-thousand in
about twenty minutes.



Just wanted to thank you for the extra help you gave me. It paid off. I made a
killing in the S&P last week.
Thank you!



Bill, if it gets any better than this, it will take
surgery to get the smile off my face.



Dear Mr. Wolfe,
I just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks and appreciation for your
instruction on trading the Wolfe Wave. Over the past few years I have spent a
small fortune on trading courses, systems, software, etc. But the product I
received from you has been by far the best that I have ever come across. Before
your course, I was never able to successfully day-trade the S&P. I could trade
bonds, beans, and everything else out there with modest success, but the S&P
remained an illusive foe that did not respond well to any of the systems and
methods I threw at it. Since receiving your course I have been successfully
day-trading the S&P even through the trying markets of the past few weeks. Thank
you so much for sharing your valuable knowledge with the likes of myself.



“Awesome” is the only word to describe the faxes.
Thank you for teaching it to me.



Bill, I have purchased several “systems” in the past
only to end up disappointed. However, there is something about you and your
website that is telling me to try just one more time. I hope I’m not

Bill…You won’t be.

two weeks later…

This really works! It’s the first thing I ever
bought that works! It’s sensational! Thank you!



Bill, I have made a small fortune since taking your
course three months ago. Thanks a “million.”



Bill, this was the best course I ever took in my
life. Nobody in the world knows the market like you do. Thank you for teaching
it to me.



Bill, If you ever give a seminar, please let me
know. I will travel anywhere to get more of this stuff. It is fabulous! (This
quote is from a professional floor trader in the S&P pit.)



Bill, on election night — while the rest of the
world thought the market was going crazy — I made money on a beautiful Wave in
Globex. Thank you for teaching me this wonderful method. “Others fail because
they can’t do what we can.”



Dear Bill: The instructions on your Wolfe Wave
technique went very well and I enjoyed them thoroughly. I have always believed
brilliance can be found in the simple things; however, knowledge is being able
to “see.” Your method is simple and quite impressive!



Dear Bill, I recently caught a perfect Wolfe Wave on
the S&P that nearly paid for the little tuition fee that I paid you. I could not
do this earlier because I lost so much money without having a good method. Thank
you for teaching it to me.



Bill, I was re-reading your fax of 9/27/00 over the
weekend, the one where you pointed out that huge Wave that just played out. I
must say that this stuff is truly amazing. Thank you so much for teaching it to



Dear Bill, Thank you for teaching me the Wolfe Wave.
I now have a method that works on all time frames, and all futures. Greater than
90% of my waves hit the target line.



Bill, Trading the Wolfe Wave is like catching a
falling knife — but fun! Thank you for teaching me this incredible method.



Bill, enclosed is my check for your course. I
believed you when you said that what I will learn is “a thousand times more than
what’s on the web site.” Looking forward to learning it.

Two weeks later…
Bill, the faxes have been incredible! They are “a thousand times more
than what’s in the manual.” Thank you for sharing this method with me



Dear Bill,
I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it.
When your fax of 7/17/00 called it a 5 point for a sharp move down, my broker
told me that you were probably nuts. Thank you for teaching me this incredible
Wolfe Wave.
P.S. I now use a discount broker.



Bill, thanks so much for teaching me the Wolfe Wave.
It is the best course I ever took.



Bill, I can’t believe how many Wolfe Wave
opportunities there are in an intraday chart. Thank you for teaching it to me.



From a six month student…
Bill, am I seeing things, or is there a tremendous Wave in the NASDAQ? Good
going! You’re not seeing things. (The next week was the sharpest NASDAQ rally in



Bill, I don’t know if you remember me, (Dr. ____
from ______ ) I took your course about two years ago. I did so well trading the
Wolfe Wave on stocks, that I now plan to trade the S&P full time. Thank you.
This is great!



Bill. . . “Thanks for the faxes over the last ten days, the course has been
As you said once you can “see” the waves it all makes sense. I can sit here and
look at the waves on the beach out front or here on the computer screen, again
thanks for showing me something that puts me ahead of the pack.”



Bill. . . “I’ve made back the cost of the course,
now I’m working on my mortgage. Thanks! This is really good stuff.”



Bill. . . “I made $21,000 on my last trade. Thank
you for teaching it to me.”



Bill. . . “This is like picking money off the
floor.” Thank you!”



Bill. . . “I can’t believe how accurate this is. I
get goose bumps when the price actually hits the target line.”



Bill. . . “Your methodology seems more significant
than the Elliot Wave, you must be a genius to have discovered this phenomenon in
the market. My guess is that it’s the same that Elliot saw, but he did not see,
or at least describe, the full picture.”



Bill, until I took your course, my husband was telling me that I should give up
trading. I almost agreed with him. I have “more degrees than wall space” and was
terribly frustrated that I couldn’t successfully trade the S&P. I am now
experiencing winner after winner. I just hope it continues.
Bill: it will.



Note scribbled on outside of envelope containing
Bill, if you call me at home, please use discretion. My wife is in
the dark about this. Two weeks later: Bill, I made so much money in the
last two weeks, that I think I will take my wife on the trip to Europe that she
has always wanted.



Dear Bill,
Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for both your genius and your time.
Words can not express my gratitude! Bill you’ve changed my life forever, and the
future looks very bright.

It took my a while, but I’m finally getting the hang of the S&P intraday waves –
beginning on the E-mini. (I’m also using electronic order entry – I highly
recommend it.)

My last 13 trades were: (7 trading days) 12 winners, 1 loss, avg. 3 points per
trade. Buying or selling it doesn’t matter! You’re right! Also, I see now what
you say in the manual: “others fail because they can’t do what we can.” It’s a
beautiful thing.
(a satisfied client)



A call from a fund manager that just made $75,000 on
a small move in the S&P. “I’ve been trading for a long time and I have
never seen anything as powerful as this.”
He went on to tell me how he
received positive slippage and how he entered within ticks of the bottom just by
following my instructions. He thanked me again and again for teaching him.



“Bill, I feel like you’ve sold me the key to the
mint. Thank you!”



“Dear Bill, Your manual and faxes are so
interesting, clear and explicit that I am having no problems in following them.
You are indeed an excellent teacher. I am very happy with my investment in your



Bill, you are a genius! Knowing my background,
you know that I am familiar with gaming. In gambling, a slight edge can be
extrapolated out for huge gains. The Wolfe Wave gives me an incredible advantage
over uneducated traders. Thank you!
(This was from one of the best known
card counters in the world. He told me that he wanted to get into a business
where intelligence is rewarded, not criminalized like it is at the Blackjack



As told to me. Two Wolfe Wave Practitioners. . . .”lets
have a book burning party. All that useless junk that we’ve read.”



76 year old doctor/S&P trader: “Terrific!
Simply elegant. Elegantly simple.”



A recent client told me that he had a Series 7 and a
lot of trading experience and was about to “pack it in” until he began using the
Wolfe Wave. After the first few days he called me and said: . . . “this
really works! It’s the first thing that I ever bought that does.”
called the other day to tell me how well he is doing in other commodities as



“Bill, I wanted to take this course two years ago
but kept telling myself that I would pay for it with my next profit. Profits
were elusive. As you know, I signed on two weeks ago and I am very happy with
it. My regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. Thank you!”



A retired pharmacist, on Friday of his first week
faxed me with a question and added a P.S. . . .”Only loss of the week.
Tough eh?”



Three week student. . . . “Bill, you may think
that I’m crazy but I priced a seat on the CME today.”

. . . You can’t make this stuff up!


Dear Bill,
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for teaching me the Wolfe Wave.
To find a method that works is rare. To find a method that
works and that someone is willing to share is priceless.
It is from my personal experience in studying with you that I
believe that you are not only a great trader, but you are also a gifted teacher.
Your willingness to answer my questions time and again with the same precise and
patient manor has helped me to learn at a phenomenal rate.
In this day and age, people are so quick to point out faults
and to place blame. More often than not, the people who do help others along the
way are seldom acknowledged for their efforts. I wanted to make sure that in
your willingness to help me learn your methods that your efforts did not go
What you have given me is much more than a method of trading.
You have given me the tools to achieve my goal of financial independence. Thanks
once again,


(a satisfied client)



Aug 4, 1999
Dear Bill,
Just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for your incredible insight,
hard work, and your dedication to really helping the “little guy” understand
that the “gap” (no pun intended) between not having a clue and making a good
living trading is not that large.
Before your training I felt like I was so close to “getting” the trading
business, but could never have consistency. Your knowledge, as well as, your
expertise as a teacher, has finally had an everlasting impression on me. I
believe I left a message about actually buying the low and selling the high in
Sept. Lumber one day. I would have never even attempted such a feat w/out your
help. Me, the little guy? – not a pit guy in Chicago – bought the low – what a
deal! – somebody had to lose on 1 contract.
Anyway my point here is to let you know that I’ve almost tripled my account size
in the last 5 weeks – from $6k – $18k – that’s over $10k in a bit over 1 month –
I’ve never accomplished that before! Thank you Bill – You have no idea how much
you’ve impacted my life. This is the greatest business, as I suspected before,
and now have personal experience with.
I’ve been trading bellies, lumber, corn, beans, Canadian $, Pound, E-mini, hogs,
sugar, coffee, – where ever I like a pattern. I’ll be getting to the main S&P
Also, hope your vacation was wonderful!


(a satisfied client)