Steroid for Quants

Welcome Quants and others who have the computer power and the big $ to make extraordinary gains. This is ONLY open to existing firms.

I have been successfully teaching my methodology “retail” for over 30-years. I have now accumulated so many findings that I cannot charge the price for what my knowledge is really worth as I’m up against a ceiling at $3,000. More importantly, I have recently discovered how my methodology could be programed to mine the universe of stocks, futures and even Bitcoins, identifying ideal setups.

I am not a programmer but I have chart examples. As my methodology is rule-based, it should be programmable; objective not subjective.


  • ES: Gain of 14 points in 6 hours. Zero drawdown.
  • SPY call option: Up 492% in 6 hours.
  • APPL call option: $4 to $400 in 4 days.

For charts of these examples and more hit: Enormous Gains with Weekly Options

What I have to offer:

  • A rule based methodology that captures a natural motion.
  • Works on any freely traded market.
  • Works long or short.

What I would like in return:
To meet with interested parties that would like to explore this for mutual benefit.

Please email me at: