Not Taught By Bill

This is a recent email dialog between Bill Wolfe and a new student: (unedited)

I am having that free version of seeing the future. But, after going to your website, almost 20 times, I am convinced that method is more than just free manual. Because, I have applied that manual method and it works like a charm some times and sometimes it does not work at all. I hope, advance lesson is more than that.

I have been coned by many so called mentors and all other stuff. This would be my last adventure in the market, if this don’t click, I will say good bye to market.

Sorry for negativity but I am hoping that your method will end my pursuit to be successful in the market.

“Negativity”? I very much consider it a compliment. I have many “last try” students on my honor roll.

Thanks. I had read this manual so many times, but to refresh the reading and for making sure that I am not missing anything, I had read it once again.

I am so excited that, I can’t wait for the advanced lessons.

Please discard the free manual you got on line and only refer to the one I sent you. Some very important things were intentionally deleted from the free manual.

I was following the wave that you mentioned in today’s lesson. I was astonished by its accuracy.

My mind is blown away; it can’t believe moves can be predicted with this impeccable accuracy.

I am seeing monstrous WW in crude in Monthly time frame, now I see the reason, why it is shrugging off every bearish news and fundamentals and continuing its march towards WW target.

Indeed, I do think you will make that “Honor Roll” of “last try” students I mentioned in an early email. Your charts are beautifully drawn.

Excellent Methodology. You have given the absolute alchemy. I am seeing it repeating over and over again. Now, I see why people praise to the death about your methodology on your website. Count me in for that.

Thanks for mentioning me for the honor roll, but my trading account size is lower than your fee. Lol !! But, your fee is the best investment I have ever made.

Best regards,

4/30/16 (Canada)