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Very important: There are thousands of drawings on the Internet of “supposedly” Wolfe Waves.
They were not drawn by me and have no relationship to the precise rules that I teach.

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Update: 6/3/24

Last year I said that I was going to increase my fee and possibly add 0DE options advice on April 15th of this year. I decided against it as there would be technical difficulties in getting the advice out to all the students simultaneously, and that would be very unfair to the students that did not receive the information in a timely manner.

Therefore, I have decided not to raise my fee, and to add to my advanced lessons an option that would be a good fit for the wave that we may be watching develop. This would give the student an opportunity for an option candidate without the immediate time constriction of an 0DE option.


Deep Space Hubble Telescope

So, what does this have to do with the stock market?

My ingredients are all natural. I use no preservatives or harmful additives: Indicators, oscillators, moving averages, or other junk.

I do use tools that were given to us by the Creator: Fibonacci spirals, waves, pendulum, vibrations and more.

  • An Illustration Along with the Rules

    Please note the odd sequence in counting, as you will see, it is necessary for the inductive analysis.  By starting with a top we are assured of beginning our count on a new wave.  (The reverse would apply for a bearish wave.) The 2 point is a top. The 3 point is the bottom of…

  • NEWS FLASH!!! The Wall Street Journal Corroborates Wolfe Wave methodology

    WSJ Corroborates W.W. Methodology

  • Click Here if You Think the Government is Out to Get You

    “Day trader goes berserk and kills television” “Survey shows that 99% of day traders lose money” “Scientist discovers possible link between day trading and acne” Ever wonder why day trading gets such bad press? Day trading is often compared to horse racing and casino gambling, yet horse racing and casino gambling don’t come under assault. …

  • A Wolfe Wave on a 1-minute S&P Chart

    For those of you who consider a 5 minute chart “long-term,” the above 1 minute chart catches a “Picasso” in Wolfe Wave analysis. A perfect ETA and EPA. However in actual trading I advise against using the ETA as it just adds too many variables.  Use the EPA to purchase a genuine Picasso.

  • Trading OEX Options off a 15-minute S&P Chart

    As some traders already know, trading options is somewhat like that old game of “beat the clock.” In order to reap the huge reward, you not only have to be right on price direction, but you also must be correct on timing. The WolfeWave is the perfect tool for this. On the above S&P chart,…

  • A Wolfe Wave on a Daily Stock Chart

    Pavlov got his dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell. So do WolfeWave practitioners. Opening Bell. Stock and option traders, could have had a beautiful measured move on the above daily chart of IBM. Without learning the “X-Ray Vision” so to speak–it took me almost 35 years–it would be almost impossible to find…

  • A Wolfe Wave on a Weekly Stock Chart

    The “surprise” explosion in the price of gold did not come as a surprise to WolfeWave practitioners.  As savvy investors know, the share prices of gold stocks often rise before the price of the metal.  The above weekly chart of ASA has a beautiful WolfeWave that telegraphed the move weeks in advance when it hit…

  • Are You Afraid of the Dark?

    Most traders are afraid to hold overnight.  WolfeWave practitioners make money while they sleep.  On the above chart, the “sweet zone” (5) was entered shortly before the close indicating a move up to the target line.  Next day, at the opening, TV was telling traders that it was going to be a “great day” because…

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