“We have detected gravitational waves” – LIGO Scientists

Bill Wolfe discovered them twenty-years ago in the stock market!

Sept. 14, 2015 For the first time, scientists observed ripples in the fabric of spacetime called gravitational waves.    This confirms a major prediction of Albert Einstein’s. The National Science Foundation and scientists at the LIGO Scientific Collaboration announced today, 2/12/16.

7/18/97 8:12 AM New York time.  Bill Wolfe introduces “pressure points” to his students. Price stabilization is the equilibrium between price (space) and time.

In layman’s terms:  Consider a bar chart of price and time.  If one can picture the precise time period of a move, and the precise space (price) of a move, one can picture it as an area, like a taught trampoline.  This is what I will call the “fabric” of price and time on a stock market chart.

Then, if one can picture pressing a finger into this trampoline (fabric) and removing it quickly, it would create “gravity waves” as the scientists call them, or “pressure points” as I discovered many years before.  The result would be a “bounce” off the time/space fabric.

In the chart examples that I teach it would be a price penetrating the equilibrium between price and time.  When it “bounces” back the moves can be dramatic.  “Reverses with a vengeance” is how I refer to it in my lessons.